How to create stock screens

Stock screens are powerful to discover new stock ideas. They also make it easy to follow new quarterly and gauge the performance of various sectors.

Creating stock screens

This is a short video on how to create stock screens.

Steps to create a stock screen

Let's say we want to look for companies that have more than 20% ROCE.

Goto Create a new screen page and type into the query builder: Return on capital employed > 20%
Click on Run this query to see the results.
Let's filter this list to find the companies with a low PE ratio. Click on the "PE Ratio" column to sort the results on it.

However, these results might be "extreme" results. It might have companies that have reported temporary earnings.

How about taking 5years average ROCE?

We can go ahead and edit our query to:

bash Average 5years return on capital employed > 15%

Click on Run this query again

The list will remember to sort on PE.

Like ROCE we might want to consider Average earnings of 5 years.

Lets click edit columns to add the required column. Valuation based on last 5 years earning is not available by default.

We can still use it by creating a custom ratio.

There is an option to add at the bottom of this edit column page.

Click add custom ratio

Lets type: 5 Year PE in name

Short Name: 5 Yr PE


Click Show Preview

It will show the calculated value for few companies.

Lets click save.

Close this page to go back to the edit columns. Lets type 5 year PE now.

It will be added. Click on it to sort.

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