Customising data in Excel Sheets

Screener provides a powerful "Export to Excel" feature that provides the company data in an Excel file. It also allows you to upload your own Excel models back on the website. Screener exports the data in your customised format if you upload your own Excel sheets.

This upload feature can automate much of your analysis work.

Step by step tutorial for customising Excel sheets


Let's open NESTLE on Screener. Click on Export to Excel.


Let us add  Median PE (price to earnings ratio) of last 10 years to the sheet.

  • Select Cell A21
  • Put the formula as: =MEDIAN(B14:L14)


Now Save the sheet and upload it on Screener:


Wow! You have automated this workflow. Now whenever you will click on Export to Excel for any company, it will remember to show your Median PE.

Lets open INFOSYS to check it out.

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