Exporting Screen results in Screener

We sometimes want to get the data for stocks into Excel. Or maybe we want to import our screen results in Python / Java / R / Pandas or any other script.

Though we don't provide APIs on Screener, you can use the "Export" option to download the results in a CSV.

Steps to export screen results

We can export the results of any stock screen into a CSV.

The steps to download the results in a CSV are:

Run any stock screen. You can also run this query to see all the companies.
Click on "edit columns" to add more columns. You can check out our guide on customising columns for more details.
Save the columns. Click on "Export"
It will download a CSV with all the columns and all the results. Open the file in your favourite software.

Collating data from other sources

The downloaded file contains columns for the NSE and BSE exchange codes. The file also contains an "industry" column. These columns are useful in collating data from other sources. For example, we can use the "VLOOKUP" function on the exchange codes to club another data.

Export is a premium feature

The "Export" option is available only in the premium. Also, the premium users can add up to 50 columns.

The downloaded CSV looks like this:

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